Nearly every day and sometimes multiple times a day I get emails from another of my contacts whose Yahoo email account has been hacked and spam messages are sent out to all of their contacts. For some reason many of them think they are ok if they just change their password and send out an email apology to all of their contacts. If it happened once, it can happen again and Yahoo has obviously ignored the problem thus far. The funny thing is, I don’t think I have ever received a hacked email from any other type of email account besides Yahoo. One time I did receive one from a Gmail account only to find out later that the person had the Gmail and a Yahoo account synced and the Yahoo account was the one that had been compromised.

There are many free options to where you should seriously consider switching if you have a Yahoo email account:

  • Microsoft’s Hotmail received a face-lift a while back after it was moved into the Window’s Live family. It is now labeled as and has some very good features and benefits. My oldest standing email address is still with them.
  • seems like a good option if your shy on Microsoft. This may also be a decent business email option if you don’t have a unique domain name.
  • Gmail is my preferred system because of the syncing that they have across devices, etc. I do keep a mildly concerned eye on their privacy practices though. I’m not exactly how I feel at this point when I get an email telling that one of my contacts have signed up for Google+ – it makes me wonder what else is being shared. Suffice it to say that I never email sensitive information or permanent passwords, etc. If I need to transfer that type of data I find a better way. If you need truly secure email, here are some good options.
  • GMX Mail is another up and coming system that is worth a look.

If you need to have email for yourself or a team at your unique domain, contact us to help you get set up with a reasonable solution.

Which option you choose will depend on the feature set that you personally like best, but Yahoo has shown that it doesn’t care enough about the security of it’s customers to be trusted.

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