#1 – This is a truly independent reseller program.  This program does not require that a client be using a specific merchant services processor or other stipulations. It is a great product to add to a sales shelf without having to sacrifice based on a conflicting product.

We have thousands of sales partners who follow our resources but sell for other processors and while we would love for them to switch to us for merchant services, they may already have a processor they like.  We are excited to partner with many of these individuals for the first time so they experience what John Doe Design is all about!

#2 – An Innovative Program.  Our web design program is unique and I believe it will be the start of a new direction for this growing industry.  What we are doing is moving the entire industry in a direction that is geared towards providing independent sales partners with a great opportunity!

No one is offering a web design pricing structure like we are, and no one is offering upfront and residuals at the rates we are offering, simply because no one else is marketing through independent partners in the field.

#3 – Growing Margins and Profits.  While we are rolling out a simple, inexpensive program for a business owner to create the foundation of their online presence, we also have additional programs that the sales partner will be able to sell now and in the future to grow their profit margin.

Small business owners understand that they need to invest more in their online presence, and they are ready to move their marketing budget online for social media marketing, video marketing, pay per click advertising and content creation and we are working to provide all of these options to our clients.

#4 – Full Support for Clients. Once you make a sale and hand it off the client will have access to our support and design team via our toll-free number. There is no need for you to be stuck providing support and can continue selling to benefit from the commissions and residuals.

Partner with us from day 1 to start building your web design portfolio and then watch your revenues grow as we educate your clients on what they could and should be doing to grow their online presence by partnering with us!  This is a very exciting time to be involved in a web design reseller program and John Doe Design, as always, is creating the program that is best for the sales partner.

Get started today by visiting our Resellers page to get signed up and find the paperwork needed to get selling!

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